In this article we want to introduce you to the utility companies in Portugal.

When you buy or rent a house for a year or more, you need to make contracts for utilities such as light, gas and water.

The main energy suppliers (electricity and gas) in Portugal:

  • EDP: established in 1976 and represented in the regulated and free markets, being one of the main Portuguese brands;
  • Endesa: this Spanish electricity company was founded in 1944 and has been present in Portugal for more than 20 years;
  • Galp: founded in 1976 and operating as an energy supplier under the name Casa Galp. In addition to charges and ancillary services, it sells necessary everyday equipment such as heaters and solar panels;
  • Goldenergy: one of the companies focused on a more sustainable future, selling 100% clean energy, with more personalized contracts;
  • Iberdrola: a company focused on clean energy, with a simple or two-tariff electricity plan;
  • MEO Energia: this 100% online company, founded in 2020, focuses on environmental impact and also provides 24/7 customer support.

To find the best electricity rate in Portugal, we recommend using the ERSE Simulator.

According to the ERSE simulator, the best electricity supplier at the moment, with a contract capacity of 6.9 kVA, ideal for a family of 4 and an estimated consumption of 5000 kWh/year itself, is Goldenergy.
However, the rate requires compliance with an electronic invoice and direct debit from the bank account (debito direito).

If your home is entirely dependent on electricity, you must be issued with separate electricity tarifs. However, if you have natural gas, it is much more advantageous to have “dual service” for electricity and natural gas. You’ll save money, spend less time, and won’t be as confused because you’ll get one bill instead of two.

The best “dual service” companies are Galp and EDP, which also offer discounts on electricity and/or natural gas, discounts of up to 10 cents per liter on fuel and discounts of up to 16% on paid electric vehicle charging points. The savings really do pay off, and it pays off more than having individual services.

As for the companies that provide water servicesin Portugal, it’s easier here. It all depends on the city in which you bought or rented a house:

You can conclude a contract with one of the utility providers in 4 ways:

  • In person at the company’s office (a negative – you have to stand in line, sometimes for more than an hour).
  • On-line at the suppliers’ site (in my experience this is not always comfortable, and often the site just hangs up).
  • By telephone call (each supplier has English-speaking operators).
  • By contacting a specialist, who will take responsibility for the contract and connection (usually such services are paid in the amount of 50 euros for each connection).

Documents you will need for connection:

  • Passport.
  • NIF .
  • Purchase contract / Rental contract.
  • Connection codes:

for electricity – CPE number (Código de Ponto de Entrega – Point of Delivery Code).

for gas – number CUI (Código Universal de Instalação).

for water it will be necessary to specify “Artigo Matricial e fração”. These details are in the contract of sale/rental contract in the housing description section.

  • Meter readings.
  • Data of the owner (previous, in the case of purchase): name and NIF.

When contracting for services, companies offer additional services such as: maintenance of appliances, health insurance, etc.
Before you decide to take out one of the extras, try to understand whether they are really necessary for your daily life and whether they can lead to savings, for example in the case of breakdowns in electrical and gas appliances.

It is important to know that a technician and an inspector from the company will always come with the gas connection, and he often has to pay 60 euros in cash on the spot.

The connection procedure of all services may take from 2 to 8 days.

Once you are connected, 15 to 30 days after the contract is signed, you can register on the website/application of the company of your choice and get access to your personal office.

In your personal office, you can: manage your contract, make changes to your personal information, report meter readings and see previous period consumption data; receive notifications, alerts and notifications on when to send readings and how to save on your energy bill; pay your bills directly from your account, MBWay and access your ATM payment details.


If you don’t know the CPE number: +351218100100

If you do not know the CUI number: +351211164437

EDP : +351213535353

Endesa : +351211160786

Galp : +351217242500

Goldenergy : +351808205005

Iberdrola : +351800606060

MEO energia : +351800028028

EPAL : +351213221111

Águas do Porto : +351225190800

Águas de Cascais : +351214838300

Águas do Algarve : +351289899070

Also an integral part of life for all of us is the Internet and mobile communications.

There are 4 main cell phone and internet companies in Portugal:

Vodafone is considered the most expensive, but also the most reliable company. Unfortunately, the company is not able to provide its home Internet services in some parts of the country / city, because there are agreements between companies on the exclusivity of services in certain parts of the country / city. Before connecting, the operator always asks you about your full address and the possibility of connecting the service.

Many organizations have subsidiaries, like WTF from NOS, Moche from MEO and others.

Contracts with these companies are made as standard for 2 years, if you terminate prematurely you will be required to pay a penalty. But when you sign a service contract you can ask for a 6 months contract or a 1 year contract, the cost of the service will increase. When you sign up for the service, we recommend that you visit the company’s branch in person, so that you can talk about all the options and rates on the spot.

At the moment, the most advantageous tariff is the Internet + TV + home phone + sim card, from company to company the price may vary from 52 euros to 80 and more, depending on the selected package of services and the duration of the contract.

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