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My name is Tatyana Koren, I am a psychologist. I invite Ukrainians in Portugal for consultations.

Complicated strong feelings - this is for me. We will talk openly about resentment, guilt, anger. I will help you go through difficult stages in finding your boundaries, build an inner balance and a sense of yourself.

I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the most researched and evidence-based method in psychotherapy.

CBT teaches you how to manage your thoughts and emotions. Freely choose what to pay attention to - and no longer give this choice to your fears and anxieties. Distinguish beliefs: their own or left by parents and the outside world.

All this my clients learn to do on their own, finding support in themselves. So they get the best version of their lives.

My calling is to be close to those who are being transformed. When a person copes with grief. When firmness and confidence take the place of fear. When joy, curiosity, a thirst for life are manifested.

Now I am ready to take on projects in the following areas:

1. Personal support during crises and changes.

2. Anxiety, anxiety, panic.

3. Depressive states.

4. Living the loss.

5. Difficulties in relationships with parents, spouses, children, colleagues.

6. Strategy, goal setting, planning in personal and professional life.

I do consultations on zoom. I will be happy to answer any questions in private messages.


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