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Spiritual Psychoanalysis is an innovative approach that incorporates the knowledge, processes and methodologies brought by Psychoanalysis into the therapeutic process, allowing a deep investigation of the psyche and the elements that reside in it at the unconscious level.

At the same time, this therapy is guided by a holistic conception of human existence, in which each person is seen as an integral being, recognizing their multidimensional nature that comprises the various fields, physical, energetic, mental and spiritual and that all of them they intercommunicate with each other and, finally, the individual is also interconnected with the whole, with the Cosmos.

This new therapeutic line allows you access to self-knowledge, personal development and awakening to the most relevant issues of your existence through the psychoanalytic process aided by oracular consultation tools and techniques.

In Spiritual Psychoanalysis, therapist and assisted walk together in this discovery that will lead them to a more conscious experience and, by the way, to their Happiness.


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Av Eng Arantes Oliveira N3 R/C, Lisboa 1900-221 Lisboa


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