We are pleased to inform you that the Good Portugal project signed a cooperation agreement with the Portuguese networking company Mais Negócio.

The cooperation aims to integrate Ukrainian specialists, businesses, and communities into the Portuguese environment.

We invite you to the first meeting of Mais Negócio Ukraine, which will take place on November 25 (Friday).

Format of the meeting: lunch/networking at a restaurant with Portuguese experts and entrepreneurs. At the meeting, each participant can also voice his/her problem/challenge in work/business that he/she finds difficult to solve.

The Good Portugal and Mais Negócio groups will help you with different issues. All participants communicate in English and are open to partnership, work, and friendship.

Bring your business cards to exchange with all participants and discuss your work or business. Mais Negócio founder Luis Abreu will be present at the meeting.

The location will be announced closer to the date of the meeting, now at the stage of coordination: we are considering the areas of Cascais, Estoril, and Lisbon.

Cost of participation: free of charge (each participant will pay the lunch fee, approximately 20 euros).

To register for the event, send your occupation and company name to Christina (@Krisssti_q) by telegram.

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