Good afternoon. Today Good Portugal will tell you about getting a password for Finanças (tax service).

Why can it be useful? Some of us who work here have to register as individual entrepreneurs. So, it can not be done without a password.

In addition, we will all have to submit annual declarations in 2023 for 2022, regardless of whether we are entrepreneurs. Whether we fill them in ourselves or an accountant will do it for us, the Declarations are filled in on the Finanças portal, and you cannot enter them without a password.

So let’s go!

You must go to the Finanças portal at this link.

This is what the registration page looks like:

Fill in the following information:

– NIF;

– e-mail address;

– phone number (optional);

– tax address;

– a secret question that you can choose from the list (it can be your favorite color, animal, or book);

– the answer to this secret question.

After that, press the blue button – register.

You will receive an email:

O Pedido de Adesão foi aceite para o contribuinte ХХХХХХХХХ

A referência da carta de senha é ХХХХХХХХХ.

But this is not a password yet; it is only a verification letter. The password will be sent to your mailing address, which you indicated as your tax address during registration. If you indicate your current address, which does not coincide with the tax address, the system will not allow you to register.

This is what the letter with the password looks like.

Agree; nothing complicated.

But there is one “But!”.

Nothing complicated for those who now live at the address where they registered when they came to Portugal and received NIF, that is, at the tax office. But for many of us, these addresses do not coincide. Our address, where we stayed when we came to Portugal and which we indicated when receiving the NIF, for example, is 100 kilometers from our current address. So, getting the letter with the password is not a very good idea.

So we have to go to Finanças at our current place of residence.

You must take your passport, the letter from SEF with your temporary protection numbers, and proof of residence address.

And here, we have two options for the development of events:

1. try to get a password first and change your address on the portal yourself;

2. first, change the address and then get the password.

Unfortunately, the choice of option does not depend on you.

We came to Finanças and asked to provide us with a password so that we would not have to wait for it by mail and change the tax address on the portal ourselves. But the employee, looking at the computer, replied that we have a different tax address, it must first be changed. And only after that will we be able to get the password.

To change the tax address, we provided our lease agreement. But it was not enough! We were asked to give a certificate of family composition, and only after that our tax address was changed.

And after that, we received a letter with a password to Finanças at our current address. By the way, it took about 5-7 days from the moment of registration on the portal.