Banco de Portugal – Central Bank – control of banks and other financial institutions: insurance companies, investment funds, credit brokers, pension funds.

Caixa Geral de Depositos, CGD – the only state bank in Portugal. 

Centro de Saúde – medical center – a polyclinic where you can get help from a family doctor (general practitioner, pediatrician).

CTT – Portuguese Post – delivery of various correspondence within Portugal. The postal mail in the country is quite developed. This is one of the most influential organizations and has its own bank – BANCO CTT.

Código de Ponto de Entrega, CPE – a number that identifies your electricity meter: the location of each electricity meter, proof of address of the electrical installation.

Código universal de instalação, CUI – universal code to install and identify your gas equipment.

Eportugal – a portal for online registration to various government agencies – facilitates interaction between citizens, companies, and the state. Information on public services for citizens and businesses, access to digital services that do not require a trip to stores or service points, addresses and opening hours of general, government service points and locations, directory of public administration websites.

Guarda Nacional Republicana, GNR – National Republican Guard, a security service of a military character, composed of soldiers organized into a special corps of troops and endowed with administrative autonomy.

Guarda Prisional, DGRSP – prison guards – security for penitentiaries, under the authority of the Ministry of Justice.

Hospital – a specialized institution. It is possible to go by referral from the Centro de Saúde and for first aid medical emergencies.

Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes, I.P., IMT – Mobility and Transport Service – issuance and exchange of driving licenses, registration and re-registration of cars, issuance of parking cards.

Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, IEFP – employment service – promoting the creation and quality of jobs and fighting unemployment through active employment policies, namely vocational training.

Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica, INEM – National Institute for Emergency Medicine – a body of the Ministry of Health responsible for the coordination of the emergency medical assistance system on the Portuguese mainland, for the timely and correct provision of medical assistance at the scene of the accident, assistance in transporting the injured to the appropriate hospital and coordination between the various stakeholders.

Instituto of Registries and Notaries, IRN – Portuguese Registry Offices – national provision of citizenship card, passport, nationality, civil registration, land, vehicles, ships.

Multibanco – a national payment system to which all banks’ ATMs and payment terminals are connected, and all mobile payments are made through it.

Polícia de Segurança Pública, PSP – Public Security Police – armed security forces, uniformed and of a civil service nature, with administrative autonomy.

Polícia Marítima, PM – maritime police – guarantee and control the enforcement of laws and regulations in areas belonging to the public maritime domain, in port areas and bathing areas, as well as in all inland waters and other maritime spaces.

Polícia Florestal, EPF/SEPNA – Forest Police – Criminal police authority responsible for forest police actions in mainland Portugal, especially for checking hunting activities, fishing, and illegal environmental actions in agroforestry.

Portal das Finanças – a tax and customs administration service, allows Portuguese taxpayers to perform various contributions and taxes-related operations, providing data and statistical information.

Previdencial – social security – a subsystem of Segurança Social; providing financial support to workers who lose their work income under certain circumstances (illness, maternity, paternity, adoption; unemployment, occupational diseases, disability, old age, death, loss of breadwinner and additional support for dependants).

Protecção Familiar – family support – a subsystem of Segurança Social; assistance in cases of possible increases in family expenses, especially in cases of disability or dependency (family allowance for children and youth).

Segurança Social – Social Security Service – public social security system.

Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, SEF – Alien Migration Service – ensuring control of persons at the border, and foreigners in the national territory, preventing and combating crimes related to illegal immigration and human trafficking, issuing travel and identity documents for foreigners and investigating asylum application processes, ensuring internal security and individual rights and freedoms in the global context of migration reality.

Solidariedade – solidarity – Segurança Social subsystem; ensuring the fundamental rights of citizens, eradicating poverty and exclusion, providing support in proven situations of personal or family need that are not covered by the social security subsystem.

SNS24 – National Health Service – is a digital service of the National Health Service, which was created to help citizens with health issues. It offers services that allow you to solve problems without having to go to a health center or hospital.

Via Verde – an electronic toll collection system in Portugal that operates on all toll roads and bridges in the country.