When you move to another country, the first question to ask is, “Where to buy quality products”? In this article we will take a look at the main supermarket, hypermarket and convenience store retail chains popular with the Portuguese.


Parking Lidl

German discount supermarket chain. “No one sells us like our customers do” – this phrase speaks for itself and is one of the company’s slogans. The stores offer a wide range of products at below-market prices. On the shelves you’ll find exclusive, high-quality food from all different cuisines of the world at very attractive prices. The stores offer exclusive brands that you can only find at Lidl such as Milbona, Solevita, Cien, Lupilu and Chef Select. Take advantage of themed weeks for substantial savings. On the website and in promotional magazines, the store announces discounted prices that will be valid on certain items for the following week. Discounts can range from 10 cents to 50 percent of the price, so don’t miss this opportunity to save money. The customer card can be issued in the app Lidl Plus.

The company cares about preserving the planet and creates projects that contribute to solving global problems by focusing on goods with high environmental standards, equipping Lidl stores parking lots with electric charging stations for cars, installing systems for receiving and recycling plastic and glass bottles in stores and on some beaches, then textiles are made from recycled plastic.

When you shop at Lidl, you also save on fuel at Persol petrol stations. Look for promotions on the website or in the app.


Aldi in Cascais

ALDI is a German multinational corporation, one of the biggest supermarket chains in the world. ALDI was voted the best store in Portugal 2021/2022. The jury evaluated the product range, service, information, ease of shopping, price and appearance. In 2021, for the second year in a row, ALDI Portugal was chosen as the Superbrand of Portugal 2021. This award is a great honor that shows the diversity of the offer, including fresh products produced on the ground, really makes a difference, both for the environment and for the customer. ALDI is a brand that customers trust.

Vegetable section in Aldi

GUT BIO®’s own organic food brand has surpassed other biobrands in taste, quality, preservation, composition and variety of products.

In the ALDI app, you can create a shopping list, keep track of themed weeks.


Hipermarket Continent in Cascais Shopping mall

Is a benchmark in the food retail sector in Portugal. The largest chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets, owned by the Portuguese company Sonae Distribuição, it is spread throughout the mainland and the islands. The chain includes Continente hypermarkets, Continente Modelo medium-sized supermarkets, Continente Bom Dia large-sized supermarkets and Meu Super, small supermarkets.

The customer card, which gives you a lot of opportunities to save money, which allows you to accumulate money on the card with which you can pay for your purchases, use it in other retail chains of the Sonae Distribuição family and the Galp gas station, is issued at the customer support desk after filling out the application form.

Household products section in Continente

For customer convenience, Continente offers the CARTÃO CONTINENTE app. A physical Continente card is linked to it. The app has all the information about promotions, Continente discount coupons, as well as on other retail chains from the Sonae Distribuição family. There is a function to change paper receipts to electronic ones which will be sent by e-mail. By joining the DeliveryZero program for 26.90 euros – delivery within 100 days is free, for orders of 35 euros or more.

Customer card participation in the networks: Continente, Continente Modelo, Continente Bom Dia, Meu Super, Go Natural, Zippy, Mo. Café chains: Bagga, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Pans&Company, KFC, Pasta Caffé, Miit, TacoBell, SOL and Ò Kilo. Galp gas station. Wells Clinic, Pharmacy and Opticians. Wells Pharmacy offers over-the-counter medications.

Continente client card

Pingo Doce

“Better families deserve a better supermarket” is the slogan of one of the largest supermarket and gas station operators in Portugal, with nearly 400 stores. It is owned by the Portuguese company Jerónimo Martins and the Dutch Ahold Delhaize. In addition to the standard range of products you can find the departments with a wide range of products of the Go Active series, which allows you to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The products are perfect for those who want to follow a thorough diet combined with the practice of physical activity and with the benefits of good health. Supermarkets also offer products that are lactose- and gluten-free. Pingo Doce’s own brand of merchandise, which includes lines of groceries, delicacies, wine, baby products, grooming cosmetics, household chemicals and pet supplies. The company guarantees excellent price-quality range of Pingo Doce products.

Pingo doce

Comida Fresca’s fresh food ordering service allows you to take a break from the kitchen and spend time with your loved ones. Suitable both for dinner with the family and for all occasions. Keep in mind that you need to order 2-4 days in advance, and you can pick it up in the store or have it delivered to your home.

The Poupa Mais customer card can be ordered in-store. Start saving money with Pingo Doce, discounts on fuel at BP gas stations that go up to 20 cents per liter, personalized discounts at supermarkets. A Pingo Doce app is also available to keep you informed of promotional items. The online store Pingo Doce has placed in the online shopping center Mercadão.


Auchan Holding is a French corporation, one of the world’s largest retail chains. You just have to choose where to spend your money, whether online or in regular stores: Auchan, Auchan Supermercados or My Auchan convenience stores. The company also offers medical and wellness services, optics, appliances and Auchan gas stations.

Spices and cereals section in Auchan

The financial organization Oney, owned by Auchan Holding and Groupe BPCE , offers innovative financial products. The Oney payment card is a list of services to make your daily life easier. From all kinds of discounts when buying groceries to refueling your car without using a card or cash at Auchan gas stations, through a quick payment system based on license plate recognition.

Saúde e bem Estar in Auchan

In the Auchan app it is possible to issue a digital customer card. The site and app make it easy to order products, including over-the-counter medications from Saúde e bem Estar pharmacies with home delivery.


Minipreço Express in Cascais

The Minipreço supermarket chain exists only in Portugal, although it is owned by Spanish group Grupo Dia. The network includes 600 stores all over Portugal, which are divided into the following types:

– Minipreço Family – large area hypermarkets;

– Minipreço Market – medium-sized supermarkets;

– Minipreço Express – small convenience stores in the centers of large cities.

Minipreço translates as mini price, the name speaks for itself. The company’s goal is to offer a quality assortment available to everyone. Minipreço has strengthened its image due to the proximity and excellent value for money of its products.

On the counters of Minipreço you can find products under its own trademarks DIA, Delicious, Vital, Fornada do DIA Bonté, BabySmile, JuniorSmile and AS. 

Grupo DIA has extensive experience as a franchise company, offering a franchise based on constant innovation, with results that are reflected in sales.

The Clube minipreço club card can be applied for in stores by filling out a form, a digital card created in the Minipreço app is also available. Online purchase and delivery is available.


Personal hygiene section

A Spanish family-owned supermarket chain, there are 34 stores in Portugal, mostly in the north of the country. Mercadona’s goal is that “O Chefe” is always satisfied, and the chef is the CUSTOMER.

Mercadona’s own brands:

– Hacendado – food line;

– Bosque Verde – home cleaning line;

– Deliplus – personal care line;

– Compy – pet care line.

Mercadona always guarantees food safety, maximum quality, maximum service, minimum budget and minimum time.

The stores accept payment with Euroticket, Ticket Restaurant, Sodexo and Chèque Déjeneur food cards.