Registering with Segurança Social means being assigned a lifetime number (número de identificação de segurança social – NISS) in this social security system.

Newborn and older children automatically receive NISS. This means that a child born in Portugal and having Portuguese nationality at birth is immediately assigned a nationality number, NISS, NIF and patient number.

The system for obtaining a number is called “NISS na hora”.

An adult foreigner has three main possibilities to register with the Segurança Social:

  • as an employee;
  • as a domestic worker;
  • as an individual entrepreneur.

In the case of a foreigner coming under the Family Reunification program, he/she is entitled to receive a number, provided that someone in his/her family is already making or has made contributions to the Segurança Social. It is necessary to go to the Segurança Social reception office, fill out the appropriate forms, and present your documents.

Obtaining NISS for employees and domestic workers

When you get a job as an employee (trabalhador por conta de outrem) or domestic worker (trabalhador serviços domésticos), a foreigner who does not yet have NISS, must register with Segurança Social and obtain a social security number.

To do this, go to the Segurança Social office and submit the following documents:

– The “modelos de requerimento RV 1009/2018-DGSS e RV 1006/2018-DGSS” form (available on the website Segurança Social or at the Social Security office);

– An identification document and a copy of it.

– A copy of the NIF – number from the IRS;

– Work contract and a copy of it, which must include:

  • the employee’s name and place of residence;
  • company name and address;
  • type of activity of the company;
  • the employee’s position;
  • the period of payment and its amount;
  • date of employment;
  • type of contract;
  • signatures of both parties.

A foreigner who has started work or has changed his/her place of employment must notify Segurança Social within a maximum of two days from the beginning of work (ideally at the same time as the employer). The form “Mod.RV1009-DGSS.” must be submitted.

How much will the employee pay to the Segurança Social?

There is a flat rate of payments in Segurança Social, which is 34.75% of the salary. In this case, the employer pays 23.75% and 11% is deducted from the worker’s salary.

When it comes to housekeepers, their Social Security payment rate is 26.7%. The housekeeper herself pays 9% and her employer pays 17.4%.

Social Security for independent workers.

If you are self-employed.

The tax office automatically transmits the data on the start of your activity as an independent worker (inicio de atividade de trabalhador independente) to the Segurança Social. Despite this, the independent worker must go in person to the Social Security office to receive the NISS.

The following documents must be brought:

– Modelos de requerimento Mod RV 1006 -2022 DGSS or Mod RV 100x -2022 DGSS forms;

– A document proving your identity and a copy of it.

– A copy of the document confirming the opening of the activity “declaração de início de atividade independente”.

If the request is submitted by a third party, the identity documents must be certified.

Receipt through the system “NISS na Hora”, can be requested by the person himself or by legal representatives with a power of attorney or form “PA12” provided by the service in the Segurança Social.

What to do when NISS is prevented or denied?

If you have problems with your NISS, contact the CNAI – Immigrant Support Center for information.

The telephone number for landlines is +351808257257.

The number to call from cell phones is +351218106191.

They will give you detailed information about what you can do in each case.

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