ATM menus may be differently programmed, so pay attention to the text of the operations you are looking for. Good Portugal will show you step by step algorithm for one of the ATMs:

1.       Insert the card into the card slot and enter the existing pin code.

2.       Choose OUTRAS OPERAÇÕES; the item is on the bottom right of the screen; you can press the button pointing to this item or press 00 on the keyboard – “Other operations.”

3.       Select item number 1, at the top left of the screen ALTERAÇÃO DE CÓDIGO SECRETO – “Change the secret code”.

4.       MARQUE O NOVO CÓDIGO PESSOAL – “Entering a new pin code” appears on the screen.

5.       Enter the new pin code and press CONFIRMAR – “Confirm”.

6.       REPITA O CÓDIGO PARA CONFIRMAÇÃO – “Repeat the new pin code” appears on the screen. Enter the new pin code again.

7.       Press CONFIRMAR – “Confirm”.

8.       After these operations, the ATM will return the card to you.