To recharge your card, the ATM must have a banknote slot, which may be on the right or left side of the screen and marked “Entrada de Notas e Cheques,” depending on the model. The card can be loaded with both cash and cheques. Good Portugal will show you how to deposit some money. Note that when selecting items from the proposed menu, you can make a choice using the buttons on the left and right of the monitor, as well as by selecting the desired number on the keyboard of the ATM.

Look carefully for the necessary item; different ATMs display the menu differently.

Algorithm of actions:

1.        Insert the card into the card receiver and enter the PIN code.

2.        Choose DEPÓSITOS E OUTRAS OPERAÇÕES; the item is on the right bottom of the screen; you can press the indicating button on the side or the “00” button on the ATM keyboard – “Deposits and other operations”. Some ATMs do not have this item; if it is not there, go straight to the next one.

3.        Then, from the menu, select ENTREGAS E DEPÓSITOS, at the top – number 3 – “Contributions and deposits”.

4.        Next, select DEPÓSITO DE NOTAS NA PRÓPRIA CONTA, the button at the top left of the screen at number 1 – “Deposit in bills to own account”.

5.        The screen will ask you to print a receipt, select SIM or NÃO “Yes or No”.

6.        The slot for accepting money will open and light up, deposit the bills in a stack face up with the European flag on it. The ATM may return some banknotes and offer to try again. You can deposit 30 banknotes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 euro bills per transaction, with a maximum limit of 100,000 euros.

7.        The ATM will accept the money, and the screen will tell you the amount and number of denomination bills.

8.        Then press CONFIRMAR – “Confirm”.

9.      After you have done this, the ATM will return the card and print the receipt.

Also, branches of Portuguese central banks, such as Santander, BPI, Millenium, and others, often have large self-service machines for deposits and other operations – Balcões com depósito automático, or Máquina automática. These machines can also have a function to exchange coins for bills and to top up the card with coins. You can use them to deposit a large amount in a single transaction, which is helpful for legal companies for depositing share capital or depositing large sums into an account for purchasing real estate. Deposits are available instantly.