This article was written specially for Good Portugal by interior design and landscape design expert Evgenia Zaitseva.

As an experienced interior & landscape designer, I would like to share with you my collection of the best dream house ideas, which can increase the quality of your lifestyle, balance your emotional state and make a feeling of your own home, as the best place in the world.

Definitely, the dream houses, you feel the best in, are built with natural rich materials and are perfectly incorporated in surrounding nature. The most energy and power you get from the houses with glass walls, which makes you feel inside nearly the same way, as outside. The nature is your wallpapers and the best wall paint ever. Automatic sliding doors with pressing just one button within seconds can make you seating not inside, but outside on your sofa or lying on your bed, bringing the freshest air across the whole house.

Seamless smooth coverings of the floors and walls give you the best feeling by soft touch and aesthetic pleasurable natural look. These effects can be reached by the range of different natural color palettes of Microcement and decorative plasters for the walls. Choose natural colors for the best effect for your inner calm and comfort, which is very important to get at home. The positive sides of Microcement are also, that it can be easily used in wet zones – bathrooms and inside the shower. It’s easy in cleaning and can be used also over the heating floors.

Put the tub near the window. There can be any natural scenery outside. Sea, mountains or garden are the best. Even if not – the stars still keep the effect. You will use it much more often in such scenario and will get relaxation for your body and soul, which are so much necessary for your organism to clear it from the stress in busy days.

Prefer natural stone to modern innovative artificial materials. It will refill you with the energy of nature, which is impossible with any plastic or composite material. It also will add volume to your space, amazing effect of nature integration in the house. You can use natural stone on the walls, some spots on the floor in decorative combination with plants. Important point is to light up structured materials to reach the best effect. Be sure, that the stone tub is million times better, than acrylic one.

There are 4 Elements of nature – Water, Fire, Air and Earth. Surround yourself with all these Elements in your house for the astonishing feeling of fullness and zen. As water elements you can use swimming pool, waterfall, lake. Fireplace would cover fire Element. Air is reached by using of the big windows, so you could bring fresh air easily physically and it definitely will be added by the size of the windows and wide views over them. Plants represent Earth Element and they are well known air cleaners for your better breath. 

Keep big trees around your house or even in. You can create special roof around the trunk or build an atrium in the center of the house. It will bring in your life feeling of tranquility, safeness and astonishing nature care feelings. It is definitely worth additional efforts.

Build the outside shower. It feels amazing in open air. Surround it by trees, plants, stones and wood. It feels great – to take a shower of water, birds’ songs, wind and waves’ sounds simultaneously.  

Fireplace in the backyard with comfortable armchairs around it warms and unites family, friends and partners around the energetic center, which attracts the sight. With the glass of wine, sausages on skewers, sweet marshmallows for kids and interesting stories here could be the best times, spent with family and friends. You could also add screen and projector in your backyard for enjoying movies, National Geographic shows or sport events open air.

Set up a small oasis inside your house with beautiful exotic trees, shrubs, palms, cactuses right inside the floor rather than putting plants to the pots. You can leave this area without the roof in this place and surround it by glass system or make a glass roof on top of it. The effect of piece of forest in your house will bring more positive vibes to your life.

Even with the small backyard you still can have a pool and cozy oasis with a terrace, surrounded by lots of greens. Use soft sunbeds – they are so much more comfortable and cozier. Outside lighting is important and will add mysterious mood in the evening, which will make the finish of your day much more amazing.

Usage of ethnic elements reminds you about simplicity of life and makes your days lighter and easier. You can install a sink and shower right in the bedroom to break usual frames and bring something new and challenging to your day-to-day life.

Build a big balcony or terrace in your bedroom to enjoy the morning sun, as the first thing after you wake up. Fill up yourself with the sun energy and start your wonderful day from this point.

Glass walls in corridors with garden outside will transform your movements between rooms into wonderful journey with the live nature sceneries around. The other idea – is to organize live green walls in the corridors with special lighting systems, if there’s not enough of natural light.    

Put the swing chair in your house or on the terrace. It’s another element, representing the air. Seating in this chair you will feel weightlessness, which can bring you fresh inspirational thoughts and insights. Having a coffee or reading a book in such chair would be a real pleasure.

Organize a fly yoga corner in your house, backyard or a terrace. Here is the place, where you can keep your body and soul in balance. It could also be a usual yoga corner or a gym, according to your preferences and needs. Surround this place by plants, candles, equipment, symbolic statues and motivational signs.

Add a plenty of lights under the trees, shrubs, along the sidewalks and in every area of your yard, so you could make a relaxing walk around and enjoy the evening in a really special magical atmosphere. 

Use vertical greens to integrate your house more to the nature. It also forms green natural walls, which are about harmony and prosperity.

All these ideas are not only about the design of the dream house. They are about the design of dream life, full of harmony, balance and clear positive mind. Enjoy it.