The employment center provides the best way to learn Portuguese for displaced citizens from Ukraine – Instituto does Emprego e Formação Profissional. However, the list of IEFP courses is not limited to language skills. The center provides basic training in various professions, not just free of charge, but by paying an allowance. There are also several programs in the format of additional education, which are aimed at learning Portuguese by foreigners. We will also look at them, but we will start the review with a non-lyrical and essential digression.

How to enter the country

Due to the particular situation of Ukrainian citizens, the Government of Portugal has activated a temporary protection regime for them (including their family members with other citizenships). This allows you to legally stay on the country’s territory for 1 year. The regime can be extended at the end of the term if the political situation does not change. To enter Portugal, a Ukrainian needs only a passport. Provision of protection includes the assignment of a number:

– the taxpayer – NIF;

– social security number – NISS;

– patient of social health service.

At the same time, a temporary residence permit is issued. This document and the NIF must enroll at the employment center in Portuguese courses. Opening an account in any Portuguese bank in advance is also recommended. Its number – NIB, should be provided for the accrual of subsidies. Even earlier (immediately upon arrival), you should apply for temporary protection at one of the three Migrant Support Centers.

Training at the IEFP

Attendance at a Portuguese language course from the employment center is a prerequisite for receiving the subsidy. The training itself from the IEFP is free of charge. Portuguese language courses are one part of the unemployment benefits program. Expats from Ukraine also receive subsidies that include (amounts in euros):

– meal allowance – 4.77 per day;

– stipend – 1.68 per hour (monthly maximum subsidy – 219.41);

– travel allowance – up to 65.82 per month;

– compensation for dependents.

The last point, in particular, involves payment for kindergarten. On it you can receive the equivalent of a monthly stipend – up to 219.41 euros.

At the same time, subsidy recipients are subject to strict attendance requirements. A maximum of 10 % of the hours may be missed, of which 5 % may be excused without providing a reason (a doctor’s note or a job interview).

The IEFP standard course is 150 hours. The total duration is 3 to 3.5 months. Classes are held three to five times a week. The daily period of 3 to 4 training hours. The most common are evening courses from 19.00 to 22.00. It is more difficult to find training in the morning from 9 am to 1 pm. Language courses are taught in categories A (A1+A2) and B (B1+B2).

Important! You will automatically enroll at level A. If you wish to take Advanced Portuguese (Category B), you must indicate this in the application form in any space (there is no particular field).

The equipment required for classes is minimal – pens and notebooks. The teaching aids (dictionaries, printouts with assignments, etc.) are given directly on site.

Get advice on subsidies and IEFP courses directly from Portugal in Ukrainian at the following contacts:

– mail –;

– hotline – +351215803470;

– Telegram or WhatsApp – +351927207650.

You should contact on working days from 9:00 to 19:00.

Courses with Santander Foundation grants

Several higher education institutions provide support for ex-pats from Ukraine. A joint project was organized by Universidade Aberta and Santander Fundação. The characteristics of the upcoming courses:

– volume – 78 hours;

– the duration – 12 weeks;

– beginning – 13.09.2022;

– end – 06.12.2022;

– number of students – 500.

For Ukrainian immigrants, the cost of the training program is 0 euros, thanks to the Santander Foundation. The only requirement for students is a basic knowledge of English. For more information, visit the university website –

Flexible format

Free Portuguese courses are also available at the Instituto de Línguas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Lisbon. Volunteers conduct the training with teaching experience. They are assistant professors of universities. Other features of the courses from ILNOVA:

– A1 level;

– flexible duration of the entire cycle – individual groups, have classes of different intensities;

– online learning – the teacher, chooses the platform for videoconferencing;

– volunteers’ availability and availability determine the number and filling of groups at their primary place of work.

The instructor’s self-selection adds flexibility to the program. All classes for the courses are displayed on the project website. You can apply for any open group.

Unfortunately, at this time, all classes (50 of them) were already full. The total number of students has reached 800. You can get information about enrollment for the next stream through the email

Multilingual Courses

The Busuu online platform is named after a dialect spoken by only a dozen people in Cameroon. It symbolizes the uniqueness of the approach. Since March 2022, the company opened a special offer for expats from Ukraine, who could choose three months of free training in Portuguese and 12 other languages. Similarly to ILNOVA, at the moment, all the places in the classes are already filled. It remains to be seen if another promotion will appear at

Start with English

The classic requirement for enrollment in Portuguese classes is a basic knowledge of English. Babbel’s online platform can help you learn it. We recommend installing a special application through the Google Play or App Store marketplace to start learning. Course Features:

– 3 languages to choose from – English, German, Polish;

– A1, A2, B1;

– short duration of lessons;

– Emphasis on vital dialogues;

– The method of improving speech recognition.

Also, you can set the intensity of the course (9 levels are offered). The system is free of charge; you just need to register with your email address and password to get started.


Forced move to Portugal is as easy as possible for expats from Ukraine. It is recommended to start adaptation through the employment center IEFP. There you can both learn Portuguese and take a training course in your specialty to get a job. At the same time, there are several alternatives where overcoming the language barrier is offered free of charge.