Renting a house in Portugal for a long period of time is not an easy task. It is influenced by several factors.

Firstly – the large number of immigrants who are now in the country in connection with the war in Ukraine.

Secondly, the holiday season.

Thirdly, Portugal is a country that is in great demand among immigrants from all over the globe, which has led to an unprecedented increase in prices, both for rent and for the purchase of real estate.

The processes of renting real estate as a tourist for a short period and as a “non-tourist” for a long time are fundamentally different. If in the first case we use world-renowned resources such as Booking and Airbnb; then in the second case we need to look for an alternative because of the high cost or the impossibility of renting for a long time.

In Portugal, there are several resources where you can look for housing for the long term. Let’s name the most popular of them:






On each of these sites, you can set filters, such as: search area, number of bedrooms, furniture, monthly rent. In addition, you can subscribe to receive the options you are interested in by e-mail.

So, for example, a newsletter from Idealista looks like

On this site, you can choose English or Russian, instead of Portuguese.

And this is what a newsletter from Olx looks like.

And here is Imovirtual

Here the language is Portuguese, but with google translator you can easily figure it out.

It should be noted that in Portugal, as well as throughout Europe, there is a classification of apartments depending on the bedrooms:

– T0 – is a studio apartment;

– T1 has a separate bedroom and living room, i.e., in our understanding, it is a two-room apartment,

– T2 – three-room and so on.

In addition, our first floor is the zero floor in Portugal, and, accordingly, our second floor will be the first for the Portuguese.

The main difficulties that lessees face are the draconian terms of the lease. As a rule, this is:

– long term of the contract – from 6 months and longer;

– a deposit for several months – at least 3, but there are conditions that go for 6 months;

– presence of a guarantor;

– the presence of a declaration of income for the last few reporting periods (as you understand, Ukrainian declarations will not work).

Most certainly, you will communicate with the agent, while remembering that the tenant does not pay agency fees. They are paid by the landlord!

Another point worth paying attention to is that if you rent an apartment for a short time as a tourist, then, as a rule, all utilities are paid by the owner of the apartment.

In the case of a long-term lease agreement, the tenant will pay for utilities, i.e. You. At the same time, after concluding a lease agreement with the owner, you will have to go to the public utilities – water, electricity, gas, and conclude agreements there in your name!

A feature of renting apartments in Portugal is the lack of furniture. Be sure to be equipped with a kitchen, at least a stove and sink, as a maximum – a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher.

In addition, there may be nothing in the house – no beds, no tables, no chairs, no dishes, no towels, no bed linen … In fairness, it should be noted that, nevertheless, apartments with furniture are sometimes rented out, but their ratio on the market – about 30% of the total.

What else is worth paying attention to?

Location. The farther from major cities, the cheaper is the housing. But there is a problem then of quality of life. If you have children who need kindergarten and school, if you intend to find a job, if you do not have a car, then many difficulties can arise. Of course, there is public transport, but it runs irregularly, especially in small villages.

If you rent an apartment in Lisbon or Porto, then remember that in these cities around the clock there is a huge number of tourists and immigrants. Therefore, you may encounter too noisy or not very trustworthy neighbors.

Therefore, when you see a low rental price, before concluding an agreement, be sure to visit this area, and at different times of the day, in order to understand how noisy or unsafe it is.

Rented apartment in a quiet area of Lisbon

And the last point worth paying attention to. Having rented an apartment for a long time, you can understand that you need air conditioning, or some changes in the apartment. In Portugal, they can only be done with the permission of the owners, but, very often, you may not get such permission.

Therefore, when choosing a sunny apartment without air conditioning, think about what you will do in it in the July heat.

Here are the main points to pay attention to. And next time we will talk about our experience of long-term apartment rental in Portugal. Because, despite the described difficulties, it is possible to achieve a successful outcome renting an apartment!