Portugal’s General Directorate of Health has expressed concern about the Covid-19 situation. Officials recommend that the mask regime be resumed in pharmacies, public transport, as well as in airports, marine terminals, and subway and train networks, according to the guidelines “Covid-19: Adequacy of Public Health Measures,” which have now been updated.

The updated document, published on the Health Care Authority’s Web site, says the guidelines have been updated to reflect “the current epidemiological situation and the best scientific evidence.” Although wearing a mask on public passenger transport, in cabs and TVDEs, and on airplanes became optional three weeks ago, the government now recommends that its use return.

The use of a mask is now again required for “all persons over 10 years of age when in enclosed spaces, in crowded places, namely when using collective passenger transport, including air transport, and in public transport.”

Wearing a mask is also recommended on platforms and covered entrances to public transportation, including airports, marine terminals, subway, and train networks. Its use is also recommended in public pharmacies and “in confirmed cases of covid-19, in all circumstances where carriers of the virus are outside the place of isolation until the 10th day after the date of onset of symptoms or a positive test.”

The Directorate General of Health also advises the most vulnerable people, namely those with chronic illnesses or who are immunosuppressed with an increased risk of developing severe covid-19, to wear a mask whenever they are in a “situation of increased risk of infection.”

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