Green Street (Rua Verde) attract tourists from all over the world, but not everyone knows its history. One of the narrowest streets in the central district of the city was changed by an inconvenient incident that laid the foundation for the unity of the residents of the street near Conde Barao.

At a glance, one can sense that residents are friendly and care about the street, which they’ve even created an Instagram pagefor. However, the most famous characters of Rua Verde are Armando, Tania and Joao, and their story can be called worthy of a romantic bestseller.

Armando was born in the Algarve and moved to the United States with his family as a child. In America he became interested in gardening and over 13 years ago he decided to return and settled on Rua Verde, officially named Rua da Silva.

Subsequently, Tania Gil came to this street; she dreamed of launching a line of fine jewelry and opened a studio. The girl draws inspiration from nature and represents its through jewelry. Anyone can see the treasures hidden in her store.

“Tania Gil jewelry” studio

For some time Armando and Tanya didn’t cross paths, but fate had other plans for them. While watering flowers Armando accidentally poured water on the young master’s head. Thus a friendship and common interest in plants began. They were later joined by Joao Diaz, who had returned from a long trip to Asia to open a restaurant near Armando and Tanya. TThe dream is destined to come true – Joao treats guests daily with author’s dishes at Roots and willingly communicates with visitors.

Restaurante & Tapas Bar “Roots”

The friends started decorating the street and decided to make it the greenest in the city. The initiative was enthusiastically joined by neighbors, who even now display pots with their favorite plants in the open air. Moreover, the street was not always a pedestrian street, for some time the residents asked the municipality to make the appropriate decision and even staged rallies.

Today on the green street you can find everything you need for a pleasant holiday – cozy cafes, designer stores, artists’ workshops, street library, beauty salon and even CBD-shop Green mama, which was opened 2 years ago by three brothers from the southern Italian region of Puglia. The store has about a hundred products: from author’s gifts to CBD-based veterinary drops for animals.

CBD shop “Green Mama”