This article was written specially for Good Portugal by professional massage therapist Igor Sal

Nowadays, massage is not only used for good rest, but it is also prescribed for therapeutic purposes.

Among other things, some massage practices aim to bring the patient back to normal, even in cases of serious illness. 

Features of the procedure.

Massage is a complex impact on the surface of the human body with the help of hands or special equipment to achieve a specific joyous result.

There is simply a vast number of massage practices; such procedures can be carried out to:

– improve the overall condition of the body;

– improve immunity;

– treatment of specific pathologies;

– recovery after operations and diseases;

– improvement of skin condition;

– increase body tone;

– elimination of pain;

– muscle relaxation, etc.

Who needs a massage?

First, such procedures’ relevance is associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Working at the computer and the lack of physical activity often leads to the fact that it begins to hurt the back, pinched nerves, etc. In addition, this also leads to chronic stress. Massage can restore the normal state of the body, as well as relieve stress. Also, massage is used for various diseases (from the musculoskeletal system to the cardiovascular system).

Sometimes massage helps even in cases where traditional medicine has been powerless. Finally, this procedure is one of the best ways to prevent various pathologies. Regular massage will strengthen the immune system so that you can avoid many diseases in the future. It is worth noting that the great importance of the effectiveness of the procedures has the experience and qualifications of the specialist.

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