A flight to the island of Madeira from Lisbon costs 20-60 euros. After two hours of a budget flight, the traveler finds himself in the North Atlantic Ocean off the African coast.

The island begins to surprise from the first seconds. Before landing, the pilot has to point the plane towards the mountains and at the last moment professionally land on the short runway, part of which overlooks the ocean line. This is because the island’s landscape has been shaped by volcanic lava, so Madeira’s topography not only takes the breath away from tourists, but also poses certain challenges for engineers and architects.

In Madeira it becomes clear that the locals know how to savor life. There is no rush or crush, smiling and tanned islanders always welcome tourists, and the developed towns are separated by steep serpentines and dense forests.

In addition, the island has more than 3 thousand species of plants, and some of them can be found only in Madeira. Diversity can be noticed not only in nature, but also in scenic locations, so let’s deal with the tourist treasures.

Fanal Forest

The Fanal Forest is located in the northwestern part of the island and can be reached in an hour by car from the capital Funchal.

The locals call the Fanal Forest a fairytale forest, as the clouds crash into the trees and create a mystical misty atmosphere. Here the weather is constantly changing and it is almost never sunny. Cows and birds can be found in the forest, and the plateau serves as a reservoir and supplies water to irrigate the fields.

Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes and waterproof clothing. With high humidity levels, this will allow you to enjoy the forest and feel comfortable.

Cabo Girão Skywalk

Ready to walk on a glass floor about 600 meters high? Then hurry up and explore Cabo Girão.

The glass walkway extends beyond the highest cliffs in Europe, reaching up to 580 meters. Being there is much scarier than looking at the photos – not all tourists enter the glass deck, but the terrace gives visitors an amazing view of the ocean, the capital and the fishing town of Câmara de Lobos. When the weather is sunny, you can even see the silhouettes of the Desertas Islands.

It is better to go to the observation deck in the morning, it is at dawn that the place is visited by the least number of people. There are small restaurants where you can have breakfast or enjoy an aromatic coffee.

Praia da Maiata

Here you can take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel the unity and power of nature.

The picturesque beach on the northeastern part of the island is more like Hawaii. Surfing here at sunset, and even children can be seen on the board. The light waves on the beach in Mayata de Baixo create the best conditions for all fans to conquer the elements, and the infrastructure of the city allows you to leave your car in a crowded place nearby.

Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Madeira (Mudas)

At first glanse, Madeira may seem to be about nature, the ocean and wine, but on an island far from mainland Portugal you can find one of the country’s best museums. The building of the world-famous museum appeared on the island in 2004 this amazing structure is the work of the architect Paulo David.
The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00, and you can see 1,800m2 of exhibits for 4€. There is also a library, a restaurant, a souvenir store and an observation deck overlooking Calheta Beach.