In Lisbon it is quite easy to get around. The transport system includes the metro, buses, streetcars and city cabs. The city is conventionally divided into colored transport zones. Today, due to Covid-19, the use of a masks in transport remains mandatory.

On public transport in Lisbon there is a single fare system. This allows you to use the same VIVA viagem card.

You can buy or top up single and daily cards at terminals or cashiers at the entrance to metro stations and platforms.

On buses and streetcars you can pay on board, but the fare will be more expensive. Plastic Navegante travel card can be ordered at the ticket offices of railway stations, bus terminals, and you need to fill out a form with a photo.

Bus in Lisbon

The cost of the card itself is 7 euros for 10 days, and 12 euros if the card is urgent. For children under 12 years old with the card Navegante travel is free.

After all the documents are done, unemployed Ukrainians can apply for Navegante Social+.

The subway in Lisbon is quite simple and has four lines: blue, yellow, green and red.

From the airport you can take the red metro line.

Subway entrance

The subway descents are marked with red signs with the letter “M”. Entrance and exit is through turnstiles, to which the ticket is attached (validated). Subway stations with transfers to other lines are equipped with subway maps and pointers, it is difficult to get lost here. Electronic boards on the platforms indicate the end station and the waiting time of the train.

Metro operating hours are from 6:30 am to 01:00 am. Train frequency varies from 5 to 10 minutes. 

Subway station
Subway turnstiles

Before an important trip, it is better to check the information on , as the subway staff sometimes conducts strikes.

Buses and streetcars are operated by the “Carris” transportation company (official website of the company ).

It is convenient to plan your route using the app with the same name or Google maps.

A general scheme of streetcar and bus traffic can be found at by clicking on the Network Diagram and opening the interactive diagram.

    Unlike the bus routes, of which there are more than 170, the streetcar routes are only 6. They run in the pink and orange areas. The numbering of streetcars is accompanied by the letter E, which means Eléctrico, translated from Portuguese as “electric”.

Streetcar route 28 is considered a tourist route.

Streetcar and bus stop

You can take the bus to anywhere in Lisbon. Buses and streetcars run according to a schedule. It is available at each stop.

There are night bus routes. Timetables and diagrams of individual routes can be found here .

The entrance to the streetcar or bus is through the front door. There is a ticket validation machine, the exit is through the middle door.

All stops are made on demand, so be sure to press the STOP button (buttons are located on the handrails throughout the cabin) before your stop. If you are at a stop, you must give a sign to the driver by waving your hand.

Fares for the subway and “Carris”:

Single – Bilhete Carris/Metro* 1.50 euro – valid for 1 hour from validation.

Daytime – Bilhete diário (24h) Carris/Metro 6.45 euro – valid for 24 hours from validation.

Daytime – Carris/Metro/CP 10.70 euro – valid for 24 hours from validation, includes train rides.

There is also the Zapping system – top up your card with money for 3, 5, 10, 15, €20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 euro.

With this system the fare is reduced to 1.35 euros per trip.

All information about the cost is here

How do I use the travel payment terminal?

The terminal accepts cards, coins and bills.

 Algorithm of buying a ticket in the terminal:

1.      Select English by clicking on the checkbox at the bottom left of the screen.

2.      Then you will be offered the choice to refill the existing card or buy one. Choose the second item Purchase your card.

3.      Choose the number of tickets.

4.      Choose the desired type of card: one-time or daily.

5.      Specify the number of ticket sets, as we have already chosen the number of tickets.

6.      Choose the method of payment: cash or card.

7.      Pay.

8.       Wait for the tickets and change.

If you refill an existing card: choose the first option, insert the card into a special slot, see the balance on the card, choose the desired option and pay. Nothing complicated!

Terminals to pay for tickets in the subway

         If you do not like moving around the city by public transport, you can always take a cab.

Cabs in Lisbon can be caught on the street, taken at special parking lots or ordered through the applications UBER, Bolt, FREE NOW, IzzyMove.

Cabs stand in Lisbon

You can order a Lisbon city cab by phone. The operators are English-speaking, the phone numbers can be found on the website .

The average trip will cost 10-15 euros.

Keep in mind that boarding and carrying luggage also counts. In accordance with Portuguese law, the fare is determined by the meter.

As you can see, Lisbon has an extensive choice of transportation. This article does not cover ferries across the Tagus River. For many residents of the Lisbon suburbs it is the most convenient and fastest way to get to the center of the capital.

Have a good trip!