The ancient European city attracts tourists with its unique aesthetics, majestic bridges and castles, the Douro River and cozy restaurants with the best port wine in the world.

. What to do in Portugal’s northern capital and how to spend your time with pleasure?

Visit Casa da Música

Visit Casa da musica The concert hall at the Rotonde da Boavista has a capacity for 1300 people. It differs from the usual halls in the construction of the building and the minimalist interior.

The modern concrete building looks more like a futuristic flying ship, but the planning began in 1999 and the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas contributed to its realisation.

In the concert hall you can enjoy classical, modern and electronic music, sing along to fado or spend a pleasant evening with jazz tunes. Ticket prices are more than laconic – you can listen to a live performance for as low as 7€.

Casa da Música

Spend a day at Matosinhos Beach

The sandy beach of Matosinhos is one of the favorite places of the city’s residents during the summer season. Here you can escape the heat by the water, sunbathing, swimming and surfing, and the length of the shoreline allows for comfortable accommodation for many people.

Restaurants and coffee shops that can easily be found along the ocean are also a significant advantage. Don’t forget to take protective cream, goggles and bedding, you’ll need them on a hot day and will help you get home without sunburn.

If you’re planning on taking public transportation, you can take the Metro to Matusinus, and it takes about 15 minutes to get to the beach.

Drink a port wine in the Ribeira neighborhood

Narrow streets and colorful buildings adorn the old center. Years ago, the neighborhood was a fishing town, and residents would come here in the morning for fresh fish. Today, Ribeira retains a serene seaside atmosphere, and the many restaurants will come in handy on a nice cool evening. Experiment and let your heart take control of your mind. Try to choose an establishment at random, such an experience will add to the piggy bank of memories and will surely leave a pleasant impression.


See the city from the Jardim do Morro observation deck

Here you have the best views of Porto and the Douro River. Watch the sunset, enjoy the scenic views, and drink a pina colada made from a whole pineapple at the Jardim do Morro.

It was inaugurated almost a century ago, but recently the garden has been renovated. Visitors are greeted by a lake and open bars, you can often hear live music and meet interesting people here.

You can get to the picturesque place by metro or via the upper floor of the Luís I bridge on foot.

Jardim do Morro

Visit the oldest restaurant in town

The Majestic has been gracing Calle Sainte Catarina for over a century and is righteously called the oldest establishment in the city.

In the last century it was coveted by the local intellectuals and elite and the breakfast table was the place to be for poets, social activists and the Portuguese rich.

At first glance it seems that time has stood still in The Majestic. The ancient interior won’t leave even the pickiest visitor indifferent, as well as the traditional dessert Pâchtel de nata.

However, the popularity of the institution influences the pricing. A visit to the Majestic is better to be treated as an experience and the average bill of €23 to €45 should be taken with understanding and pleasure.