It is fashionable these days to heap on television that it is for the last century and its time has passed. But in fact, many of the formats now on YouTube come from TV. It’s also important to realize that for an expat, TV is an excellent source of spoken language you must learn to understand and a bottomless treasure trove of information about the country, its tastes, and traditions. Very useful for those who want to get used to the new government and feel at home. Here is a selection of the most fascinating television projects on Portuguese television.

Preço Certo

The Portuguese translation of the show’s name is “The Price is Right”. This is a 50-minute program in which the entire plot of the game is based on guessing the price of a product or group of products. This show is a franchise of the North American television competition, which first appeared on Portuguese TV in 1990 and is still quite popular among the local population. This program is similar to the “Field of Miracles” of post-Soviet TV, with its own Yakubovich and, since 2003, hosted by Fernando Mendes. It is customary among the participants to give gifts to the hosts and his assistants.

Speaking of assistants, they are full-fledged participants in the program. Lenka da Silva, Teresa Medeiros, and, since last season, Lindsey Calção are the real stars of the show.

The show begins with a quartet of contestants randomly chosen from the audience in the audience. Their task in the preliminary round is to indicate the price of the item offered. The participant, whose forecast was as close to the correct value, competes to win a valuable prize – an object of home appliances in dexterity contest. There are only four such teams, which means there are also four people in a new round, with a winner from each of the four teams. Next, an attempt to win a prize and a chance to get to the superfinal, where you can win a car. Yes, the vehicle is on the line as a prize in the super game, but to win it, you have to guess the price of a whole group of goods, which is not easy. You can see Preço Certo on RTP1 from 19:00 to 19:07 on Mondays through Saturdays.


Scrabble show broadcast on RTP1 Monday through Saturday evenings. The program’s format is similar to the popular show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The program duration is 60 minutes, during which the participant has to answer 15 questions. The duel with the polymath is led by Vasco Palmeirim, with Patrícia Figueiredo doing the voice-over. The participant has 9 jokers and 3 trumps – Super Joker, two bonus rounds. A correct answer raises the player by 1 level. An inaccurate answer takes away 3 jokers or brings the player down three notches. The prize size (maximum 75,000 euros) depends on the level at which the game ends.

Porquinho Mealheiro

A new family show of erudition, Porquinho Mealheiro, airs on RTP1 weeknights (21:25 – 22:40). Each episode of “Moneybags” is divided into 3 rounds. Together with the popular host Vasco Palmeirim, whom we may already know from Joker, a family of 5 takes part in the show. In the first round, the team has to answer 4 questions to accumulate start-up capital. In the second round, the leader joins the host. The captain’s task is to determine which of the family quintet answered the following questions correctly. In the end, the team captain must record the team’s profit with the correct answer in the final.

Cá por Casa com Herman José

A talk show created by Herman José in 2016. The constant attribute of the show is live music, performed by popular bands and the host himself. Also on the screen there is always a trip to the kitchen, where viewers will be presented with a new recipe from the chef. There won’t be no shortage of interviews and live communication between the host and guests. And also you can see a lot of parodies on a variety of current topics of the world. You can plunge into the atmosphere of fun every Wednesday on RTP1 channel. The show is 40 minutes long and airs at around 10:30 p.m.

Praça da Alegria

A three-hour morning program in the style of an entertaining TV hodgepodge combining music, contests, cuisine, and interviews with local and foreign guests. The program has been broadcast in Portugal since 1995. The current expanded broadcast format has been established since 2018 after the country’s first Eurovision. The show is hosted by the charming Sónia Araújo and Jorge Gabriel. Meet the Praça da Alegria hosts in the morning every day (except Sundays) from 10:00 to 13:00 on RTP1.

Casa Feliz

A TV project whose popularity is based on the charisma of the presenter duo Diana Chaves and João Baião. The authors report three times daily, touching on social themes and telling the stories of unwitting “heroes” of high-profile real-life criminal cases. The first broadcast is in the morning, the second at lunchtime, and the third from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. All three stories are short (15-20 minutes) documentary features, which are not interconnected with each other. The project has been aired on SIC for a long time and remains one of the ratings leaders.

Eu Faço Tudo Por Amor

The project title “I do everything for love,” clearly describes the essence of the program. The host, Filomena Cautela, asks a quartet of couples to go through a series of playful challenges with talent and wit. Each episode is divided into four parts, and the total duration of the show is 1 hour and 40 minutes. Each stage of the show ends with eliminating the tandem in love with the least number of points. The final stage leaves a single couple battling it out for the grand prize. Watch Eu Faço Tudo Por Amor on Sunday nights (21:15) on RTP/RTP1.

And instead of a bonus. Portugal is alive with soccer, both national team matches and the performances of Portuguese soccer clubs. To keep up with analytical opinions, you should first listen to Sofia Oliveira. She is very good at understanding the intricacies of soccer and regularly shares her opinion on CNN Portugal. There are a lot of soccer shows on Portuguese TV, but Sofia’s opinion is considered the most authoritative.  She is interesting to listen to and a pleasure to watch.